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University of the Punjab

Dr. Zeeshan Yousaf

Associate Professor
Dr. Zeeshan Yousaf
Dr. Zeeshan Yousaf is a Pakistani Mathematician and HEC Approved Supervisor, specializing in Geometry, Mathematical Physics, and Cosmic Mathematics. He is among the top young researchers in Pakistan in the field of Mathematics and Basic Sciences. According to the 2017 Directory of PSP released by the Pakistan Council of Science and Technology, Dr. Zeeshan was announced as the 7th most productive young scientist in Pakistan ( ). According to Science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators based on the dataset released by Scopus and Mendeley, Dr. Zeeshan has been ranked among the top 2% of scientists worldwide in his field of study ( This is his single-year impact (2019, 2020, 2021) and career-wise (2021) impact. He has been receiving more than 90% of student evaluations from the departmental students conducted each year by the Quality Enhancement Cell of the University. He began his career by joining the University of the Punjab, Lahore as a Lecturer in 2014. He did Ph.D. Mathematics specialized in Applied Mathematics. Due to the production of high-quality research work, he has been considered the top Ph.D. student in Pakistan as he achieved a 72.5 impact factor from just 22 scientific articles during his Ph.D. research career. His scientific results are being published by various well-known scientific publishing companies like the American Physical Society, Elsevier, IOP, NRC Research Press, Oxford University Press, Springer, and World Scientific in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, China, Singapore, etc. He has been regularly awarded Research Incentives from the University of the Punjab and the Research Productivity Award from the “Pakistan Council of Science and Technology”, Islamabad. He is a reviewer of many notable impact factor international journals, and the editor, and the associate editor of a few international journals. He is a permanent member of some well-known societies like the Pakistan Physical Society, Pakistan Mathematical Society, etc. He developed with his colleagues a very strong group of relativity named “The Group of Gravitation and Cosmology” ( in his department with the aim to provide an effective floor for researchers for discussing their research findings and sharing their knowledge as well as experience with each other. He has successfully completed two NRPU research projects (worth 2.5 million PKR) as Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator funded by HEC. Dr. Zeeshan has participated in and presented his research papers at 37 international and national conferences/seminars in his field. As of May 2022, he has published 177 research papers which are cited more than 4500 times by national and international researchers ( The cumulative impact factor of his research articles is 580.021, according to the 2021 Journal Citation Reports released by Thomson Reuters in 2022. The h-index of his scientific research papers is 44 and the i10-index is 98. He has mentored 01 Ph.D. and 14 M.Phil. scholars and has been supervising 4 M.Phil. and 5 Ph.D. students. He has been involved in organizing 2 national and 4 international conferences on Mathematical Physics, Gravitation, and Cosmology at the University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan. Recently, he served as secretary of the 4th PU International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology (
Initially, he worked on exact solutions to the non-linear partial equations of motion. He also analyzed the effects of the cosmological constant on such systems and thereby developed an interest in the cosmological constant and the dark energy problem. In recent years, he has been working on the mathematical modeling of various dynamical systems in the field of mathematical physics. He is handling the mathematical and computational challenges in the modeling of stable complex systems.
Designation:- Associate Professor